National Committee for Quality Assurance:

            The National Committee for Quality Assurance is a private not-for-profit organization that has elevated the quality of healthcare since 1990. The NCQA seal is a symbol that the organization has met the rigorous requirements and reviews that the NCQA require. For consumers the seal represents good quality care and management.

            The NCQA has also been one of the largest contributors in how the health care system is evaluated. This is done through statistics that track the quality care within the health care system.

Over the past five years the NCQA has seen an increase in the quality of patient care and service. NCQA requires each organization to provide annual reports on their performance in order to keep their seal. If the performance is not to the NCQA standards, the organization will lose their seal.

            Here at Madison Memorial Rexburg Medical Clinic we take much pride in our NCQA accreditation and the service we provide to our patients. The NCQA seal is our promise to you that you will receive the best possible care in a timely efficient manner.

            For more information about what it means to have the NCQA seal, please feel free to visit,

National Committee for Quality Assurance