Online Medical Info

The internet is full of misinformation; therefore Madison Memorial Rexburg Medical Clinic would like to help. Use the following resources to make sure you have are accessing the most trusted online medical info on the web:

Patient Education Center

This website is provided by The Harvard Medical School  and includes a lot of trusted information. Additionally, there are health tips, an eMedia Library, blog, health A-Z, and more.

Merck's Patient Education Center

MerckEngage also includes health information. For instance, they have tips on eating, fitness, medicine, and caregiving information; therefore; it teaches you how to live a healthier life.

Medline Plus

MedlinePlus is a web site created for consumers by the U.S. National Library of Medicine at the NIH. Therefore, it is trusted health information that your doctor recommends. In order to benefit others, information is provided in English and Spanish. Moreover, it includes: Interactive Tutorials, Medical Encyclopedia, directories, a medical dictionary, latest research, and more.

Help with the cost of Medication

NeedyMeds, a non-profit resource, helps patients find options in paying for medical expenses.

Local Resources - ID Dept of Health and Welfare

The Health and Welfare website gives information on resources in your area which will help you with your medical needs.

Official Idaho Website including links to all Idaho health care

This website also gives information on all Idaho health care options in your area.

Information about Idaho Health Insurance
Information about Medicare